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Being A Health Activist

I woke up to a surprise email from WEGO Health. Apparently I have been nominated in the Best in Show health Activist.  I never saw myself as a health activist, but someone else thought enough of Jamie Chases Butterflies to nominate me. I nominated a couple of blogs that have inspired me over the years. WEGO is a wonderful show case for any type of health blog. The diversity among the members crosses many health issues and countries. Since I joined last year I have meet some amazing bloggers who have given me great ideas to write about, creative art projects and recipes to promote health and valuing my relationships with others and myself.

I want to feel excited more than I am today and the last couple of days, but I am have pain and inflammation today in my left hand. The pain is so bad that I want to cry, but I can’t because I don’t want a stuffed up trach. I am typing this one handed and I had to take 60 mg of Prednisone in order to feel somewhat human. I had plans today but had to cancel them, which makes me feel so guilty.  I am sitting on my bed relaxing, writing, reading, taking a nap, a praying that I will be able to keep my plans for Saturday. Though my throat is healing and my breathing is miraculous I still have bouts of hurting joints that leave me begging for mercy. Learning to live anyway and allow myself to carry on and rest anyway will always be a part of my life.

Last night I had an amazing conversation that helped me form clearly “Voices of Healing.” I have an idea and once I get my program written I will be presenting my idea to “The State School For The Blind and Deaf” to see if I can be of service to them. I don’t just want my program to be just for kids but for everyone who doesn’t feel like they have a voice, no matter what illness it is. I will be creating a vision board on my idea on Saturday and when my mind is not so focused on pain I will be able to articulate my vision clearly.

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