Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was quiet and relaxing just the way I like it. This weekend I watched the 1978 classic movie “Grease”. A friend gave me a copy on Friday night so I ended up watching it twice. It makes me happy.

I didn’t just watch “Grease” over and over again. I also wrote in my book and slept a lot. My body must have needed the rest. It has only been two weeks since I had surgery and I am sure that is the reason for all the rest. One thing I have learned from having all those surgeries is recovering from them isn’t instant. It takes a few weeks to a month to actually recover from them. My body is adjusting to 13mm breathing and I want to say I love breathing at 13mm.

This week will be busy for me as I have two appointments. One with my counselor and then to see my primary for the annual girl check-up and I hate having it done, but I do know it is necessary in order to keep me healthy.


I also read a cookbook this weekend on Paleo eating, which is something I am interested in. I am just not that quick at jumping. I read the recipes and the author uses a lot of coconut flour and almond flour which I will be seeing if Winco’s or another store has them so I can try some of the breads and muffin recipes. I also liked the fact that she uses her crock pot. I love my crock pot. The crock pot is my favorite kitchen gadget. The author I read was Juli Bauer and her cookbook is “OMG! That’s Paleo”. I will be posting a review on my blog this week, so stay tuned.

Enjoy your day. And enjoy each breathe you are able to take. I know I will.

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