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Not So Woeful Post

Strengthen us O God, to relieve the oppressed, to hear the groans of poor prisoners, to reform the abuses of all professions; that many be made not poor to make a few rich, for Jesus Christ sake. Oliver Cromwell


Give me, O Lord, the courage I need in good and bad and perseverance to rekindle all of my hope and faith in You and burn from my heart every vain desire. Mary Queen of Scots


Good Day everyone, I am writing to you from the sick bed, my sick bed. It seems like every time I get some sort of resemblance of a normal life I get hit hard with something.  To be honest I am tired of being a knocking post for me to just get up from and keep on moving. The first thing that happened was my right hand and arm swelled up. I mean it was huge, and it hurt like hell. I don’t usually cry when I am in pain, but I wanted to. Myron was concerned for me and I had to cancel being a babysitter in order to nurse myself back health. Well my hand is still swollen, not as bad as it was Tuesday, but now this morning I woke up from a cold, my nose and my trach are running and let me tell you it is not fun having snot coming out your nose and your trach trying to figure out in which direction my hand should go in with the Kleenex. Yes, my adventures with the trach and the never flow of snot never ends, but hey at least I am fun to watch, right? Yes, despite feeling like a complete failure in all my endeavors this week I still have my sense of humor intact. I had to cancel my “Living With Chronic Illness” class which means I have to wait 6 weeks or more for the next round to come around. I was looking forward to going, getting some new perspectives. Instead of I came down with a cold and a swollen hand. Life doesn’t seem fair.

Never fear I am not in a dismal mood, I decided maybe there is a reason I couldn’t go to the class or babysit for the person I was going to. Maybe I needed to realize that even though I may get my trach out in 6 months and be able to breathe, yes, breathe like a human again that I am still going to have the snappers of life come and bite in the butt. Heck I am human and things just happen and there is no rhyme or reason to them. Just maybe, I am supposed to take loving care of myself this week, heck it has only been a week since my surgery and I shouldn’t be running any marathons. Today, this weekend I am living in my pajamas and my fuzzy socks and drinking my sprite. Yes, I am drinking soda, because well there is nothing that can cut through the extra accumulation of snot from a cold than Sprite. So if I don’t respond right away to my Facebook messages or my emails, please forgive because this lady is sick and swollen and a bit grumpy this week and with lots of prayer, sprite, and some good reading I will be back to normal on Tuesday. And if it is truly important well, then you can text me or call me on the phone. I usually answer those rather quickly.

Stay well, breathe well, and sleep well. J And to let you know I will be posting book reviews that I have written for Friday and Saturday. 

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