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This last week has been difficult in that my left hand and wrist swelled up and I have been coughing up mucus yuckiness on top of it all. Monday morning as I am trying to type this out my wrist and hand look normal, but there is still pain and I am not able to keep my grip on things. I hate moments like these. Thankfully, the mucus drip is slowing down and I don’t have to keep cleaning out my trach every couple of hours.

Praise, yes, a praise to God above even in the midst of my struggle and it is a huge things for me, I noticed my breathing. Last night I had to walk back to my apartment and then back to the lobby and I did it without having to sit and rest between the trips. Usually, because of my constricted airway I had to rest after I got to my apartment and then proceed back to the lobby, but not this time. Yes, I was out of breathe when I got back to the lobby but it was not as bad as times in the past. I am still relishing in being able to breathe somewhat normal. I do know I need to build up my endurance and after my pain goes away in my wrist/hand and my nose is not dripping fully I will start up on the treadmill again. I haven’t done the treadmill since I had my surgery so I am curious to see how long I can do now that my airway is opened up wider than it was before.

I finally found a way for me to keep on learning, though not towards my Master’s in psychology which is my ultimate dream, but through taking classes on-line through my public library. There are a lot of choices, I want to take them all, but I know that I am not able to all at once. I would be overwhelmed. Fort Vancouver Public Library here in Vancouver Washington where I live offers classes free all you need is your library card and then you can be a student. Two of the classes I am looking to take are Luscious Quick Meals and Beginner’s Writing workshop. Heck, they even have classes on blogs and coding WordPress. My thinking muscles are being stretched, can you tell? 

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