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Surgery Day 1

my friends

I woke from a knock on my door my neighbor Christopher was checking on me to make sure I am doing okay and if I needed anything. I am starting to realize that I am building healthy relationships with people who actually care, even men. I have had a lot of uncaring men in my life and it still feels strange to have several that call, come by, and reach out to me when I am at my weakest moments. Last night my neighbor and friend Lisa checked on me too. I am thankful for all my neighbors here at Forest Glen Apartments.

I am feeling good, I am sure having my pain under control is a big help. The biggest thing I am noticing is in the way I am breathing. I haven’t breathed a deep amount of oxygen in years. I feel strange. I feel excited. I know I am going to have to slow myself down, because even though I am taking Oxycodone to help with my pain. I want to move. When I am up and moving around my breathing is not as labored, my heart is not racing, and I can go longer periods of time without having to rest. I am still not where I would like to be but I can see the vast improvements after only a few hours, not even 24 hours since I had my throat dilated to 13. I am so thankful. I am so relieved. I am feeling so many emotions. I have to admit that a part of me is afraid of going back to where I was, but I am also hopeful. Now what I am going to do with all of this energy and oxygen I am getting.

The best part is all of the support I am getting, all of the encouragement and being able to encourage and share praise of God and triumphs with those who have been with me through my darkest days. My nephew even said it is about time something went well for you. Even he knows my struggles.

Four years, heck even a year ago I couldn’t see the sun shining at the end of the tunnel and now I can. Thank you God for being there and comforting me and thank you to all my support team for being there and keeping me alive and breathing even when I am a pain in the behind. I am so thankful.

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