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God In Motion


I was given the opportunity to read “God in Motion” by Jeff Leake and in which I thoroughly enjoyed reading.

There were several things upon reading “God in Motion” that caused me to ponder and view my own beliefs about Jesus.

Relationship has been a key component of my journey with Vasculitis and the fact that Leake proclaims that relationship is what God is all about and gave the scriptures in Matthew about the Be Attitudes as evidence of this truly lead me to believe that I was on the right track with my own thoughts on Jesus.

Another aspect that caught my attention was when Leake wrote “No situation is hopeless, because God is present, aware, and involved.” I spent a whole day or two meditating on this simple sentence. I came to the conclusion that Leak was correct. God knows my needs, He knows my desires, and He knows how to get there in the best way. Me, I am a I want it now, but God is wait and we will get there with as little drama as possible.

I realized that I had been comparing myself with others, especially friends and family who have relationships with Jesus. Jesus is not going to have the same type of relationship with them as He does with me. Just like parents with their own children, they have different ways of communicating and showing love towards their children. Doesn’t mean that they are not loved any less?

I like the concept that Leake wrote about “going through death in order to enjoy a resurrection”.  As you can see there is a lot of things to read, contemplate, meditate on in our relationship with Jesus and Leak facilitates this well. Check out his book.

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