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I do several things for my Vasculitis besides taking the chemo drugs and steroids.  I am a firm believer in trying different methods to help my body to be the best she can be.

I do this by:

1)  I use therapeutic grade essential oils. basil, peppermint, lavender, and a calming blend of therapeutic grade essential oils are now in my possession. The basil oil helps with my inflammation and the other 3 help me relax and be calm. With this disease being relaxed and calm aides my body, because sleepless nights do happen.

2)  I try to eat whole foods. I limit my process stuff. I slip. I admit it. When I am exhausted and tired I don’t feel like chopping things up or cooking real food. That will be one of my goals for 2014 make a plan of action to eat whole foods even when I am having a flare day.

3)  I write. This helps me get in touch with my emotions. I can advocate and share what I am going through and perhaps I can help someone else.

4)  I also seek counseling. I personally believe that when someone gets a startling diagnosis that counseling needs to be on the agenda. Facing the emotions, the negative self talk, and all the dilemmas that show up will help you to face the challenges of any disease you have.

What are some alternative medicines you use?

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