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I Think I Can



I kind of feel like the little Engine that Could remember that story book from when we were kids? I do. Today’s Wego Health Challenge for November is about I think I can. Here is mine…

I think I can start getting my body moving so I can get the excess weight off. As I wrote yesterday my neighbor and friend will be starting a workout regimen together, but at our own levels.

I think I can find the people I need to help me get Healing Voices off and running. I want to start this for those of us who have moment when we cannot literally speak due to a disease or surgery or any other reason. When you suddenly cannot speak it plays so much mental and emotional stress on you and therapy helps. I am still piecing it together, so stay tuned.

I think I can keep on breathing. I struggle with breathing in the past and now that my throat is the normal 13mm I know I could do a lot more if it would just stay there. I am praying and hoping it will.

I know I can keep on fighting for myself.

I know I can stay positive in difficult situations.

I know I can rely on God to be right beside me through every single obstacle and challenge I face.

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