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The Necessities Of Life


I have a beautiful pink crochet bag that my friend Summer Clemenson from Knotty Ware’s and Exclaim Media made me for my birthday one year. I have used this bag for my numerous trips to the hospital for surgeries. I have fit inside my lap top, clothes, hygiene stuff, books, pens, notebooks, wallet, keys, trach supplies, and water bottle and still had room for more inside. I love my pink bag. She crocheted a butterfly and flowers on the bag and even made a water bottle holder on the side.

In order for me to be healthy and have things I need I must carry my trach supplies, my notebook with emergency contacts, doctors, list of medications, and the things I am allergic to as well as hand sanitizer, Kleenex, wallet with insurance information and ID all in my bag. When I was younger I didn’t carry a purse, but now that I am older and have an illness I must in order to have the things I need nearby.

What sort of things do you carry in your purse?

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