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Whats On My Mind

I found this on two blogs that I enjoy reading “Fit and Free With Emily” and “Back To Her Roots”. I will be adding only one thing to the list.

001Goals: I only have one goal for the month of November. That is to get my body moving. Now that I am recovered from my surgery that I had on October 9th, I believe it is time to get my butt moving. My neighbor and friend and I will be starting to work out together. She has started volunteering at the State School for the Blind here in Vancouver in the gym department and she offered to work out with me. I have personally declined invitations in the past because of my slowness and where I am now and I have noticed that I am not at the same level physically as others and I hate slowing them down. My neighbor said we don’t have to be doing the same thing in gym, but we can be there to motivate each other. So I am taking the plunge. We will be starting on November 5th. Thinking: I have been thinking a lot about using one’s voice and what that looks like. To me voice isn’t just verbally using one’s mouth to let your needs and thoughts be known to others. It is other parts of the body and even just being verbally silent and drawing, creating music, dancing, or even writing. I want to show this to others, especially to those patients who are suffering from losing their voice like I did.

Feeling: I am feeling inspired. Since I had my throat dilated to 13mm I have been dreaming, literally about what I would like to do. I even started writing my book “Beyond the Trach”.
Watching: I have been watching some movies. “Oz, the great and powerful”, “Grease”, and “The Lone Ranger”.

Reading: I have a lot of books I am into right at this moment. I started reading a book that I would like to see a lot of the people I know read and I hope to be getting an interview with the author, we shall see. The book is “God In Motion” by Jeff Leak. I also just finished “Wellness 100” by Dr. Amber French with a bunch of yummy looking recipes. I hope to be posting my review this weekend.
Excited: I am excited to see where my road leads me and the people I will meet while building Healing Voices. I had an awesome therapy season where I talked to my counselor about my desire. I made him think. It was awesome. He gave me some great ideas.
Missing: I am missing my sisters, all of them. I haven’t hung out with a few of them for a long time. Life is so busy for us all.
Wondering: My counselor and I talked about why is it so easy to have the knowledge in your head about eating and exercising but so darn hard to just get up and do it? I have been having this race in my mind. I am one of those who know what is good for me to eat and drink, but have a hard time with the action part. I aim to change this in 2014.

Working: I am working on my book “Beyond The Trach”. Figuring out what I need and what type of people I would like to be a part of Healing Voices to facilitate healing for patients so I can pray for them. I am also working on Christmas Joy Telethon which is on December 13th.
Stressed: I have to admit I am a bit nervous about my throat closing up back down to 5 MM. I am trying not to think about it, but everyone once in a while those thoughts creep in.

Proud: I am proud of Christmas Joy Telethon which will be on December 13th to help my community.

Wanting: I want and need a new bed. My old one is starting to hurt me. I want some creative/artistic individuals who love people and can be patient with those without a voice to help me with my project. I want some almond flour.

Wishing: for a bit of extra money.
Eating: It is the season for soup. I finally found a convenience food that is healthy that I can just open up and heat up. Pacific Foods brand has organic soups in a box that has simple ingredients that I can pronounce and know what is. I love that.
Drinking: Water! Need I say more?
Loving: The cold weather. I love my fuzzy socks.

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