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My Cooking Coach




I wish I had this book when I was first living out on my own with all the information on how to buy, store, and prepare vegetables, meat, spices, and many other things. “My Cooking Coach” I find to still be useful even if I am a cooking machine. The section of Delmar’s book on spices intrigued me and helped me understand oh so much about what would go well with each spice and whether or not to get fresh or dried and evens how to store and save them. I have learned a lot from the money teachers on cooking I have come across in my life. From my big Sister whom has worked as a chef, to my mom who was a home economics teacher and my friends. I would love to share this book with them and let them learn a few things themselves. The beauty of cooking is not being afraid of learning new skills.

Check this book out. I know I will be keeping this book as a standby by those questions I have in my future of cooking and I am sure you will too.

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