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I Can See Clearly Now




Dr. Wayne Dyer has been one of my inspirations since I discovered him several years ago when my sister gave me his book “Change Your Mind, Change Your Thoughts”. After reading this book I started reading a lot of his books and even seen a few of his lectures on PBS, as he clearly writes about in “I Can See Clearly Now”, not only does he talk about his painful moments in life, but he also talks about the way he changed his thoughts in order to manifest something positive out of the negative. I like that. With my own illness I have learned this skill from reading his books, especially from “Excuses Be Gone” and “Change Your Mind, Change Your Thoughts”. It was nice to read Dr. Dyers autobiography in sorts to see how he got to where he is now. I admire the man, but I also know that he got where he was by being humble and willing to listen to his inner light that shines in him from God our source. If you want to get to know this man on a deeper level and see why and how he cultivated the life he has now then this book does that. As always, it is well written and tells it like it is without all the false pretenses that many self-help books have.



 My stomach is pretty amazing. It digests food and gets it to the parts of my body that needs the nutrition. They call the stomach the second brain, because it knows how to extract the nutrients from the food and get it to the parts of the body that require the vitamins and minerals our bodies need to function. How cool is that? 

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