Yummy Super

I have been doing a lot of research on gluten free living and when I had the opportunity to read “Yummy Super” by Erin Scott a cookbook of gluten free recipes I took it.



I truly love the fact that Scott gives her own personal insight into not eating the grains and breads that she grew up and how she discovered new grains, new recipes, and foods that inspired her to keep being the fabulous eater she is. I love my food too and being a picky eater is something I am not looking forward to being, but realize I must in order to living the best life I can with my auto-immune disease and gluten is one of those things that exuberates my disease and I must be vigilant. Thankfully, I don’t go out to eat that much. I prefer eating at home and making my own foods.

This charming and well written cookbook shows how much food you can actually eat even with a restriction. I like that. When you hear you have to give up a certain food group, well then you think what do I eat now? With this book, you can see that you can eat a lot of great food, whole, real food and the recipes look so yummy and the title of the book says it all.

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