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7 Secrets To Happiness



I was given the opportunity to read Gyles Brandreth’s book “7 Secrets to Happiness”.  I deeply enjoyed reading his thoughts and his own journey to discovering what happiness is. I suggest you read, absorb, and put into practice these tips.

I find it strange that the only way us human beings will allow ourselves experience happiness is when a disaster happens. I know this from my own personal experience. Before Vascultis became a part of my life, happiness was not something that I pursued. I pursued material success, but happiness, the deep personal and spiritual experience of happiness never crosses our minds. We think if we get this job and we get this new car or if we get this amount of money we will be happy. That is not the truth. Brandreth shares his own thoughts about what happiness is with the different people he interviewed and his own personal experience.

I would have loved to hear his speech. To be honest, what attracted me to wanting to read this book was the title. I though okay, I want to see what this person has to say about what happiness is. I was pleasantly surprised with what Brandreth had to say.

Check this book out, check out this You Tube Video about Brandreth and most important read 7 Secrets of Happiness.

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