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Diagnostic Testing and Functional Medicine



I first heard about Ameer Rosic when I found him on I Tunes pod casts and his show “The Optimal Health Show”. I enjoyed what he had to say and I found his website and I saw that his book “Diagnostic Testing and Functional Medicine” was offered for free for my Kindle, so I downloaded it. I wanted to better understand what exactly functional medicine and all the tests were and meant.

When I first was diagnosed with Vascultis my research and needing to know part of my brain was activated and so I love the fact that this book shared in detail what the tests were for and why they were performing them. I don’t have a functional medicine practioner, but I do have amazing doctors that do many of the diagnostic tests that were mentioned in this book. Though I have to admit I have never had my poop analyzed before, but I am sure it would reveal a lot of things about my health.

This book is chuck full of great information and I highly recommend checking out Ameer Rosic website, this book, and his pod casts on I-Tunes “The Optimal Health Show”.

With this book and the information I am able to receive from Rosic’s website I know that my goals for 2014 will be achieved and I am better prepare for my journey of wellness. 

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