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The Vegan Cookbook



Another wonderful cookbook that I had the opportunity to read and add to my notebooks for cooking healthy in 2014 and I know I have been inspired. “The Vegan Cookbook” has many different culture of food, from Asian, Thai, and Greek. I was excited when I saw the recipe for Moussaka and some Thai soups to make with coconut milk. I cannot wait until I can try these recipes out. I know from the ingredients it will be excellent.

I am not vegan, but one of my big goals is to eat more plant based meals. Especially in the amounts that Dr. Amen and his wife Tana suggest, 70 percent plant based and 30 percent protein based. I have eliminated gluten from my diet and I am having success with it especially in my energy levels and weight loss despite the high dosages of predinisone I had to take this month to combat my inflammation. What I love about McConnell’s cookbook is she labels the recipes with gluten free, soy free, seed free, and sugar free. I like that, because that helps the reader and those on specialty diets to know what is in the ingredients.

Check out “The Vegan Cookbook” by Adele McConnell and get some fabulous tasty desserts and meal ideas for your own journey to health.

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