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My gratefulness

I am in a reflective mood. Yesterday, I drove to Seattle to see my Rheumatologist Dr. Gardner at the UW Medical Center. I was once again reminded about how amazing my doctors have been. On November 17th, 2013 I woke up with my hand swollen and hurting. I couldn’t do anything to stop the pain. The things I normal do for when a flare up happens was not working for me. I waited it out for a week before I went to the ER. In the ER the doctor’s thought I could have a blood clot or some kind of blockage somewhere preventing my blood from flowing. This is the same arm that I experienced an exploding vein during a contrast dye. My many adventuresses’ never leave me bored, but have allowed me to view life in a whole new perspective. One of extreme gratitude and appreciation for all the things that are in and around my life at any given moment and each one of those moments is precious. Even with all the chemo medications and tests I have had to endure these last few years have allowed me to making steps towards a life that I want. The life I want is full of respect, value, and authenticity. I am totally secured in all the relationships that I have cultivated on this journey of mine. I know I could be so much worse than I am now and that gives me so much compassion and appreciation for those small moments I am allowed to have.

Dr. Gardner and I have come up with a plan to help my body fight this inflammation. The truly amazing part is I got to see the inflammation in my hand and elbow. I saw it with the help of the ultra sound, the beating infrared fluid beating along with my heart made quite an impression on my mind. It helped me to see face to face the beast in my body I am fighting. The plan that Dr. Gardner and I have come up with is to increase my Prednisone until it is gone. This flare up is not caused by my disease, but another monster called gout. The reason it is so bad now, isn’t because of what I am eating, but because when my blood pressure was switched. The Hydrochlorizide that caused my uric acid levels to rise was stop and I began taking my new blood pressure medication Metrocal this allowed the uric acid levels to basically rise even higher, because it wasn’t controlled anymore. That is why I basically had my whole arm swell up in one swooping shot. No fun, but at least now I know the power of what high fructose sugar and some medications can do to one’s body. I am glad it is figured out. I am glad that this will not affect my throat and undermined all the progress this last year the Rituximab and my medical team has made.

Speaking of Rituximab I will be going in for my 4 infusion on Thursday. I have a plan of action in place for the weekend and week after my infusion. I have a bunch of movies I will be watching in my bed with my warm fuzzy socks and my cat Nicholas by my side.

I am prepared. I am ready to see what 2014 will bring me as I am making new discoveries. And the best part is that I have all the support, love, and things I need to make those steps. This woman is extremely blessed…

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