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You Can Heal Your Heart


Grieving has been the theme for 2013. I have been on my own journey of healing my painful moments from a breakup of a friendship that I thought would last forever, to the death of my mom when I was13, to the death of someone I lived with and took care of for ten years of my life in Feb 2004 and a year later my dad in 2005. Death happened, so has many other mishaps, such as my health. This last year I have read a few books on grieving and allowing one’s self to feel the loss and not become negative about the relationship and not to beat myself up over the bad moments that seem to happen in life.

In “You Can Heal Your Heart” by Louise Hay and David Kessler they give helpful tips, stories, and affirmations to help with the many different types of losses that happen in one’s life. From the death of a pet to a loss of a job or even divorce or relationship break ups. Loss happens and we can choose how we will remember and handle the pain. Sweeping it under the rug does not make it go away, it will linger, it will become a festering blister until it is allowed to pop and ooze out to promote healing. That is why I chose to face all the losses that I have experienced in my 39 years of life which has been a lot. I am healing, I am facing the challenge, and I am enjoying life again.

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