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Christmas Eve



Christmas Eve, yep, only a week left of 2013. Can you believe it? Me neither, but let’s go over my year in review and what I hope to accomplish in 2014.

A lot can change in a year. Last year, I had no hope of ever getting rid of my trach and I was just beginning Rituximab treatments. And now a year later, the Rituximab treatments are working and I could be trachless by April 2014.

I have been doing some research on Paleo, which is not eating grains, legumes, sugar, and dairy in order to help people with auto-immune disease. There have been a lot of people and even a few I know who have been helped with this eating plan. I tested myself out on this, I didn’t eat grains for ten days and when I ate some bread I got the poops which is a sign that my body cannot digest and handle gluten. This gave me pause to reflect on how much gluten I truly ate in my life. I live on sandwiches or tortilla’s because they are simple and easy for this lady who goes through waning period of tiredness to energy due to my illness. I am far better than I was a year ago. I am figuring out a rhythm to what I need for my body. I know I feel better when I eat a lot of vegetables and protein. And I feel poorly after I eat grains and cheese. I love cheese. I have to give this favorite food up in order for me to feel better because I feel poorly after eating. It is time to move further into a healthy life for me. That is my goal for 2014 following Paleo, eliminating grains and dairy from my eating habits and gets my body moving.

Right now, I am babysitting my neighbor’s dog Pixie. She is a boxer, 8 years old, and the sweetest thing ever. I wouldn’t trade my Nicholas for anything. Nicholas is behaving alright with Pixie around; so far they aren’t interacting with each other, as long as Pixie leaves him alone. He is fine. Nicholas did come out to meet Pixie and to see what she was all about. I know a year ago I wouldn’t feel even comfortable enough to take care of someone else’s pet, let alone a dog. I feel stronger now. My neighbor and friend and I took Pixie for a walk outside around my apartments. What I noticed is that my breathing is improved. Yes, I got tired and my endurance was not that great, but the breathing was good. And I Jamie was able to walk a dog outside for the first time in years. This makes me happy, because that means I will able to accomplish my goals.

Merry Christmas everyone, enjoy your time with your family…

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