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No Internet, What Do You Do?



I didn’t have the weekend I had envisioned, but often times that happens a lot and I have learned to be flexible. Though, I do have to admit I do get irritated. I woke up Wednesday starting to get sick, with a trach having a stuffy nose and congestions is a lot different than if it just involved your nose and chest. Everything and I mean everything comes out the stoma in the throat and also your nose and mouth. It is a mess. It is disgusting and frankly, it is exhausting. Friday, the 13th I was supposed to be going down to Longview Washington to the Electric Bean for the Christmas Joy Telethon, but since I am well aware of how gross and disturbing it is to the population watching someone hack up things through a hole in the middle of your throat. I opted to stay home and heal. I was disappointed. I was looking forward to spending time with my friends and fellow committee members, listening to some great music, hanging with two of my sisters, and drinking some hot and yummy tea, but I didn’t get to do that.



I have been craving some good hot tea and warmth. I have been so cold; in fact, I had been using my heating pad under my covers at night to warm up my bed for me. Thanks to the thoughtfulness of my sister I no longer have to do that. I am now a proud owner of an electric throw blanket and I have been putting it to good use in this cold weather.

On top of being ill and cold, the Internet is down in my apartment building so I have been out of touch with the world and my friends. Since Thursday I have not been on the Internet at all, the router stopped working and the replacement had not showed up by the time Friday night showed up, so I didn’t get to watch the telethon or be part of the celebrations of Christmas. Instead, I spent a quiet weekend writing a lot of blog posts for Jamie Chases Butterflies. I wrote several book reviews, a few musings on some things I have been reading in my Bible and struck a chord with me, and I have written a lot in my book “Beyond The Trach” which I have to admit I have been procrastinating on and my 40th birthday will be in 4 months and I wanted to be finish writing it and the beta readers in the process of reading and giving me feedback. I have drank hot chocolate, roasted a turkey in my oven, roasted butternut squash, snuggled with my cat, and received surprised visits from neighbors and family all this weekend. I was not bored. Heck, I even explored my Microsoft Office and discovered Notes where I can link website, my word documents, make lists, and whatnot into one section. This will help me with my medical file, making a list of my medications and phone numbers for emergencies and doctors and rides to all these appointments. I can make different tabs and be even more organized for my book, blog, and events of my life. I love it. This will be a tool I will be using a lot…

As you can see, even with disaster one can come away with new adventures, perhaps, not what I had envisioned, but I still enjoyed my weekend. The joyous part was getting back into meditating on God’s word, because the last month and a half I had let reading my devotional fall to wayside as I have battled swellings, worries of finances, and obstacles in relationship and I realize this is the one thing I do that brings me joy and peace and why is that I stop doing this knowing that it brings me contentment when disaster hits? I will leave you with that question as I wish you all a great Monday.

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