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I rode a bike. Only for a few seconds, but still I got on a bike and pumped the peddles. I felt so independent. I felt so amazed that I was able to get my legs over the bike and use them. If you have been following my journey from wheelchair to not being able to move at all to now then you can understand the excitement and the amazement I have.

Riding the bike for the few seconds I did wetted my appetite for a future of movement. I envisioned myself riding the Seattle Washington to Portland marathon. I saw myself doing a mud run. The fun part is I have a couple of people who are willing to do this with me.

This got me to thinking about my goals for 2014, my entire year will be about wellness. I am doing this wellness journey on a budget, a budget that is based on living on Social Security disability and EBT food stamps. As you can probably tell my budget is tight, but I also believe despite having a tight budget doesn’t mean I should just give up on being healthy and not doing anything about it all and just eat the processed junk that is out there. I also have to admit publically I am an emotional binge eater. I have been my entire life. I have allowed my emotions to dictate how I eat. I love food, but I don’t binge on the healthy stuff. I binge on the breads, pastas, chips, and especially cheese. These are my weakness. I am deeply inspired by Fit and Free With Emily and her own journey with binge eating. I have been watching her blog for over a year now and I am utterly amazed by her honesty and her willingness to share her deeply personal and emotional journey with the rest of us. Watch her recent You Tube Video about her first couple of meetings with OA. Thank you Emily for inspiring me to admit and to actually look into going to an OA meeting and I have discovered on their website that they have on-line meetings, which will help those of us who are not able to drive or have health issue that stop us from getting around so well. If you are interested check out their website at OA.org. 

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