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Miracles Now




Miracles Now by Gabrielle Bernstein is a collection of helpful tools from how to get quality and relaxing sleep, to distressing and to finding your value and still not be ego driven about things.

I needed to be reminded about what my spiritual practice was and that I needed to do a lot more self-care and not feel guilty about it or feel like I have to rush through it. Trusting the still voice inside of my body that comes from God to let me know that I have made the correct choice and that I can live a great life with my illness and even work on and heal my sabotaging that I do when I get fearful. Opening up and getting real is what Bernstein is all about and this book helps you to do that with the yoga meditation exercises, breathing exercises, and even connecting with those who are like minded which she offers on her website.

If you need a boost and know what you are nurturing yourself and even trusting God this is the book for you. I surely enjoyed it. 

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