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Harvest Of Hope



I found this book offered for free for Kindle so I downloaded because the title and the description I knew it would be a great book to dive into. I was right.

Arcuri’s own journey with her Fibromyalgia is the same journey I have had with my Vasculitis disease Wegener’s. Getting the doctor’s to listen when you know your body is falling apart and your mental state is being abnormal and you are contemplating suicide because either the pain is unmanageable or the tapering off of the drugs has become induced a mental state that is not your normal or better yet the side effects from the drugs leave you feeling like a fatigues failure.

I love that Arcuri credits God for her surviving such chaotic times. And I love that she doesn’t lose the hope even when the darkness appears. She has truly walked through the shadow of death that we read about in Psalms 23. This book is a great memoir about thriving despite having Fibromyalgia and keep on following your dreams. Check this book out, enjoy, cry, pray, and experience the hope. 

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