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Thrive Energy Cookbook




I have never heard of Brendan Brazier until recently. I am not a sport fanatic nor am I an athlete, but my desire for better health so that I can pursue other ambitions of mine lead me to “Thrive Energy Cookbook” by Brendan Brazier. All the recipes are plants based and from what I can tell Brazier and his team have done a lot of research on foods that fight inflammation (which my Vasculitis disease primary weapon against me is) and how to fuel the body with healthy food to sustain it during hard workouts. I do not plan on doing an Iron Man Triathlon or Iron Woman Triathlon, but I am striving to move better and have more energy than I do now. The smoothie and juice shots recipes in this book look amazing and sound promising. I have to admit I am not a fan of ginger, but I do know that ginger helps with inflammation. I also know that Turmeric does too though I have not bought any or experimented with this spice/herb yet. I will be. I love the fact that Brazier has knowledge and it is real and it is sincere. He writes straight forward and even has some transitional recipes for those of us who are not use to this type of healthy eating. I am encouraged; I am inspired by looking at the pictures and reading the recipes. They are simple, whole foods that are not GMO modified or even processed. I know this is something I need to concentrate on, but I do struggle because of my illness and getting processed and not having the strength or ability to prepare things because I am in the middle of a flare up. The only question that I have for Mr. Brazier and his chefs is can some of the smoothies and juices be prepared in advanced and frozen for later use? I just might ask that question on his website or Facebook page when I am feeling brave.

If feeling energized, and getting rid of inflammation is your primary goal for this year like mine, then this cookbook is right for you. Check it out.

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