New Year



I am sore, but this soreness was worth it. I stretched myself on New Year’s Eve. I walked the Vancouver Mall here in Vancouver Washington in order to get to the Cinematopia movie theater to watch the movie Saving Mr. Banks with my amazing friend Summer and her partner in crime Karen. You probably have heard me speak of them often on my blog. They run the Exclaim Media business and Summer helps me with my blog.

Saving Mr. Banks is an amazing movie well worth paying the high theater price to go see. You cry, you laugh, and you do both at the same time, such a touching story about Walt Disney and the author of Mary Poppins. I love Mary Poppins. After the movie, I climbed 20 or 30 stairs up in order to get out of theater and get to Karen’s car. I am blessed with some amazing friends who patiently endured and waited for me as I made my way through the mall and the stairs. This morning as I am writing this my feet hurt and my knees are sore, but this soreness is from a body that has not worked out in a long time and not because she is in full blown flare up mode.


I enjoyed my New Year’s Eve and I had a lot of fun going out to dinner at the Red Robin for dinner after the movie and just giggling and laughing with Summer and Karen and then a bit of dancing to the old classics they played on the sound system in the restaurant we ate at.


I saw this on my Facebook wall this morning and I thought yes I will be resolving to do these things this year.

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