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Time For An Update

Good morning! Happy Sunday!

Time for another update on my life and all that I am doing, reading, webinars and such that I am interested in and spending my time doing.

I am keenly focused on my health and not such physical health but my spiritual health this year. I have been reading my bible daily since January 1st, so that makes two weeks. I am learning a lot about myself and one of those things is I have issues with trusting. Yes, me I don’t easily and letting go and just let people being who they are is another thing I am not that great at either. I am one of those pointing a finger in your face, you are doing it my way type of people. I was convicted this morning when I read this verse. Romans 12: 9-10

“Let your love be sincere a real thing, hate what is evil loathe all ungodliness, turn in horror from wickedness, but hold fast to that which is good. Love one another with brotherly affection as members of one family, giving precedence and showing honor to one another.” I think I am loving sincere but I know I am not. How do I love someone when you know that they are doing something bad for themselves? How can I love someone without pointing fingers at them and yelling at them? I don’t know how to do it, only Jesus did it correctly. I mean, he went down and lovingly loved on a prostitute and other men and women who weren’t exactly following the letters of the low and he defended them when others were going to throw rocks at them. I know I have sinned in the others of love. I have allowed my own selfish ego to take over and pounced, pointed, and even stepped on some toes in my life. I am sorry and I hope those who I have offended will forgive this lady.

Thank you for allowing me to get this off my chest.

Now on to other things on my mind this morning and boy is my scheduled jam packed with some amazing things for me this year. First, I am investing some of my time into several webinars that are being offered from some amazing people. One is Functional Nutrition which starts on January 27th until the 31st. I am excited about this because it is offered by the school of Psychology and nutrition which are two of my passions and I so want to go to this school someday. Sigh, I hope I can do it.  And then starting on January 30th I am doing another Gluten summit webinar that is being offered for a week to dive deeper in the world of gluten and its effects on the body. Then on February 12th, I will be a part of another webinar offered by a spa on eating healthy. Yes, I know a lot of webinars, but I am serious about learning all I can on nutrition and my body and healing my body. I know I must be doing something right, because my throat is healing and so is my body.


I have also taken on a new project, cleaning out my closet of all my medical records and projects and storing them in a filing cabinet that my neighbor and friend gave me recently. I have somehow inquired a lot of paperwork on this journey of health, doctor reports, lab results, blood work results, research information, business cards, and other things that let you know I am one of those ladies with a chronic illness. But I also have other paperwork I need to keep too such as my rental lease agreement, copies of bills that I have paid, and income receipts and such. Life is full of paperwork isn’t it? I will be tackling this project this week after my doctor appointments are over with on Tuesday.

Starting tomorrow morning I have several doctor appointments coming up. I am seeing my primary, which has been a long time then I am seeing my counselor and then Wednesday the Heart Specialist for my one year check up. I have to stay that I have not had any issues since stopping Imuran and taking Appernull to help with the gout I seemed to have gotten from taking Hydrochlorizide a blood pressure medication. Be warned, be careful while taking this blood pressure medication. Enjoy your Sunday, until next time.

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