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Zarian’s Ten Commandments



Now that I am moving on from the just surviving stage and onto thriving I felt like I needed a refresher and to learn new skills about taking care of myself. I know this may surprise a few of my friends because I act like I don’t care about clothes, make-up, and hair, the truth is I do. I just feel lost when it comes to choosing a hair style that fits me and how to do it when I get home. I know feel comfortable enough in applying make-up and I hope that in 2014 I will be able to wear it more often. I hate to admit this to the public but I have truly let myself go and it shows big time. I have a black dress that I love. I have some sweaters that I love. I thoroughly enjoyed going through the Lane Bryant catalogue a couple of years back and picking out some key pieces that I thought I looked great in and I do. Yes, I made a couple of mistakes, but you know what I got to be generous by giving it to someone else who loves them.

Zarian’s book is full of great tips from taking excellent care of yourself by getting enough sleep, exercising, eating properly, and meditating with God to explaining how important it is to have an organized closet and feel beautiful in the pieces you own.  To feel beautiful, ah, if I only knew what that felt like. For Christmas my sister gave me a beautiful butterfly pendant necklace and I love it. I am looking forward to wearing this when my trach is gone in April. I have several beautiful necklaces that I have not been able to wear because of the trach and I am looking forward to the occasions I can put these necklaces on. I look in my closet and I see that I have some excellent pieces in my wardrobe that I have not worn in some time. I have a beautiful black dress that reminds me of Audrey Hepburn who is my fashion icon I would love to immolate and I have several skirts that I love too. With the way Zarian writes I can tell he would be fun to go shopping with and the best part is he is honest without being hurtful. He offers some great choices for us ladies who are plus size and even some websites to help with the budget.

I enjoyed reading this book and after the week I had it was a pleasure to read and laugh at the same time. Pick up Zarian’s book be inspired. I know I was.

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