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From A Wheelchair to Skates

You lose your grip, and then you slip into the masterpiece. Leonard Cohen


This Leonard Cohen quote fits perfectly with my experience of roller skating. I, Jamie who chases butterflies finally took a chance and let go of my fear of moving my body again and I stepped into some roller skates and I went skating. Yes, this woman who has a trach and who has gone from using a wheel chair to putting on skates went around twice in the roller ring. Yes, I had to hold onto the wall, but I did it. The second time around I went faster and I let go of the wall a few times. And you know what the best part was for me is that I got to do all this while having fun and spending quality time with those who encourage me and support me.

When I was a younger lady I used to roller skate in my home town of Longview Washington at our local Skate World with my nephew. I never was able to do tricks, such as skating backwards or the crossing legs thing, but I did skate around listening to 80’s classics and enjoyed the atmosphere and moving my body.



You are probably wondering how a woman who has a trach and who has been through so much like I have got to go skating.



My neighbor and my friend Mr. Christopher Hays is an expert skater, okay, he is one of those guys who is humble and say I am not an expert. Let me tell you he is better than he thinks he is and he has moves on him. I also have another amazing neighbor named Doug Eley who is also a skater, but he isn’t just any skater he has coached skaters in the USA Team. He is a top notch coach and he trains Christopher and they both happen to live in my apartment building. So these two men took a huge challenge and took a woman with a trach and another one who is visually impaired and allowed us to skate and have a grand time. Mr. Doug took the time to show me how to stand and walk properly in the skates and how to stand a certain way and waddle like a penguin on the carpet before I took off on the slick wood floor. I went around the floor twice. Man is that a work out. I realize the workouts do not have to be a chore. It has to be something fun. Let me tell you skating works out your back, your legs, your arms, stomach, and many of the core muscles in your body. I am amazed that I still have balance and this knowledge gives me the courage to start working out on my mini tramp.


Here is my personal challenge for those who read my blog. I would like to see you put on some skates go down to your local skating ring and skate workout those core muscles and do something fun with a few of your friends, your family, or even just those even some of your co-workers. Working out doesn’t need to just be at the gym, but doing the small activities that make life fun and guess what there are coaches there who are willing to show you how to stand, walk, skate properly and encourage you to do so. If you live in Vancouver Washington go down to Golden Skate on 4th plan and have some fun. That is my challenge, because if I can do it anyone can.


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  1. Shannon Scott Wechselr says:

    Love your story. Skating helped me to be a better person both inside and out too. I lost 100 pounds roller skating, and found myself. I hope you find happiness in your journey. I know I am always happier when I have wheels on my feet.

  2. Jamie Holloway says:

    Thank you Shannon, I am just happy that I am able to move my body again. It has been a 4 year time period since I have been able to. I used to enjoy skating a lot when I was a teenager and I absolutely hate walking on the treadmill.

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