I thoroughly enjoyed reading Lucille Zimmerman’s book “Renewed”. Perhaps, it was because she and I share the same interest, the same beliefs, and the same book “Boundaries” By John Townsend. “Boundaries” was a book I got as a gift from my older sister and I know even some churches hold classes teaching his principles.

In Zimmerman’s book you learn a lot about discovering who you are and how to do self-care. I don’t do a lot of self-care. I am learning that it is important to keep me healthy. I do small things like put lotion on my body, reading a good novel, and snuggling with my cat. Self-care is not selfish, but there are those who do it in an extreme way and that can be viewed as selfish. Pick up Zimmerman’s book, I enjoyed it and gathered some insight. I know you will too. 

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