Impossible by Nancy Werlin is a book about the song Scarborough Fair. Lucy the main character of the story family is cursed and this song is their legacy about how to defeat the curse and get rid of the elfin knight who possess’ their body and drives them mad.

I enjoyed getting lost in the story of Lucy and the way her foster family and male friend she has known since a child help her do the three tasks that are in the song to defeat the Elfin Knight and release Lucy and the women in her family from the horrific curse.

I have heard the song Scarborough song from Simon and Garfunkel, but I also have heard a version from Celtic Woman. I love the song. I have always thought like Werlin that the tasks her true love is having her do to prove her love for him is impossible and unrealistic. The guy was basically having the woman prove her love but to me I always felt that no matter what the woman it wouldn’t prove her love to the fellow at all. This book illustrates this thought, but the best part is when Lucy does defeat the curse and Elfin Knight by finishing the impossible tasks with the help of Zach her real true love.

I highly recommend anyone who wants to get lost in a story to read this book.

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