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Breaking Free



Months back when Beth Moore offered many of her books for free on Kindle I took advantage and I purchased several of her books to read. I have read three of Moore’s books “Jesus the One and Only”, “Believing God”, and “The Beloved Disciple”. Now I can add a fourth book to the list, “Breaking Free”.

“Breaking Free” centers on being held captive and breaking free into the freedom that Jesus offers his worshipers. I needed that information now as I am still “breaking free” from many things from my past and even present that weighs me down into what I know I am supposed to be doing. My painful history often times leaves me stuck into a vicious cycle of food consumption and alienating myself from those who love me deeply. Though I am better than I once was, but the recent events of my uncles passing, the ten year anniversary of the death of someone I loved, and the angst of the drama that is around my apartment has left me feeling extremely vulnerable. I know the event of my uncles passing and the timing of it was meant to be a focal point for me to consider breaking free from more crude in my life. One of the crudes of my life is self-care. I have not done it in a long time. I have not been eating as healthy as I need to be for my illness and I have allowed certain drama filled people into my sanctuary. This has left me feeling drained.

Moore helped me to realize that I am cherished that God did not condone or have people abuse me physically, sexually, mentally, spiritually, or verbally. With God’s love and hand in leading me through my trials and painful moments I am reminded that I have beauty and a unique perspective that no one else has. He gave this to me for a reason and though I have not utilized this gift or even allowed myself to receive all of his gifts that don’t mean it isn’t there for me to receive.

As you can see, you learn a lot about yourself by reading “Breaking Free”. If you want to dive deeper this is the book for you. Actually, the Author Beth Moore is for you. I have more books to read, but I will take a short break and read something fun first.

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