The internet has been out at my apartment for the last 3 weeks. This has given me a chance to evaluate things in my own life. What have I been up to?

One thing I have evaluated and been doing is getting my health in order. In a little over 3 weeks I will be heading to Seattle to see about getting rid of my trach. I feel strong and like I am breathing just fine. While I have been moving I have discovered that the lower part of my back hurts. I went to the doctor. In which she order an MRI. I went to get the MRI done and because I had to cough I couldn’t do the MRI. I loathe having an MRI. I hate the sounds. The ear plugs don’t help at all. I feel like I am in a coffin and the speaker is just right above my head. I do not have a fear once I talk to my doctor to see if something can be done for me to stop coughing for an hour. of tight spaces, but getting this done causes me to feel anxious.  On Monday I will be going in for another one. I Hope this time I will be able to get it done despite my trach issues. Ugh, I am a bit annoyed with myself for not being able to be in the MRI machine for long because of my stupid trach.  I cannot say it enough I loathe getting an MRI done. It is not fun. I do understand that often times it is the only way to get a clear picture of what is going on inside of your body, but still that noise. Eeek!

I have also been reading a lot. I finished several books during this three week period and wrote reviews too. There is one particular book that I read called “Tapping” by Jessica Ortner that changed my life and I will soon publish my review on my blog about how and why it changed my perspective on my weight and emotional eating.

Then my cousin sent me an antenna for my TV. I got it on Monday and I have been enjoying watching TV. I get 37 channels. The last time I had an antenna I only got 10 channels, so this is a whole new experience. I’ve been watching Criminal Minds, CSI, and an old classic show Highway to Heaven and many other things. I finally got to see the Dr. Oz show.

I believe I am ready to go back to school and so I am going to research and see if I can go back. Since I got loans before and I am not in default I just might be able to. This will make me happy.

As for my new caregiver, she is working out well. I am happy. I enjoy having her come. I don’t feel the negative energy of dread just before she comes. I feel inspired to reach towards my goals.

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