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Slimming Meals That Heal



I was excited when I saw Julie Daniluk’s book “Slimming Meals that Heal” offered through Netgalley to read. Julie Daniluk is a nutritionist that offers help to patients like me who have an auto-immune disorder. She offer’s recipes, case studies, and all kinds of great tips on her Facebook page, so check her out.

“Slimming Meals that Heal” offers many tasty recipes to try out for those who suffer from inflammation. Unfortunately, I am one of those who suffer from inflammation issues. Inflammation is the cause of why my throats closes up and lead to me getting 40 surgeries in the last 5 years. Thankfully, with the medications including Rituximab a chemo drug and choosing better foods and reducing my stress levels I have been doing a lot better with the inflammation. I’m not perfect at it, but I do my best.

Daniluk’s book has some amazing smoothie recipes that would be great for breakfast. I have to admit I don’t eat breakfast that often. I know, I know, I am bonking myself on the forehead like those old V8 commercials saying “Jamie what are you thinking, you know better.”  I aim to do better.

Read Daniluk’s book, be inspired to eat a more inflammation free eating regiment and also check her out on Facebook.

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