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Living Bliss



Alternative medicine is something that I have been interested in for a long time. In fact, if I had money I would get a massage, cranial therapy, and a few other therapies. Insurance does not cover things like that so I do what I can with little funds that I have. I do use essential oils and I take my vitamins.

“Living Bliss” is a testament to what C. Norman Shealy has done for pain management and it is amazing that there is a doctor out there who takes chances and tries alternative therapies to give his patients the help they need.

I know that with my Vasculitis and RA I have amazing doctors who are just like Shealy who take chances and try different treatments that are not the norm for my disease. I appreciate this. I believe and I suspect Shealy believes that the power of your attitude can affect your health. I am now seeing the effects of how doing a simple exercise can alleviate back pain. Reading books like “Living Bliss” encourages me to keep on striving forward even with my diseases and move forward. After all we are all worth fighting for. Read Shealy’s book get the information and learn the different techniques in his book and discover for yourself that there are other options.

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