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Every Step I Take

Can you believe this is the last week in April? Spring definitely is here. I love spring. Yes, it is that fabulous time of the week where I update you on my progress what I am rocking and what I am not.


I am doing well this week. I have been doing the exercises that I got from the physical therapist. I even went yesterday morning for my weekly time with him. This time around in physical therapy I am enjoying the process. I don’t know if I have a different perspective and I am now ready to rock or if it is that the physical therapist I got now is amazing, which he is. The best part is that I now have 12 exercises that I have been given to do at home. Now the problem is scheduling this time to do the exercises. A couple of them I have to do more than once a day, some up to three times a day. Let’s just say that I have to build up some new habits in order to get my body condition enough to do what I want it to do. My physical therapist had a goal in mind of eventually getting me ready to use the elliptical machine. The gym I use has an elliptical machine and it scares me. I am intimated and I am only looking at it. The therapist assured me that it is better for the knees than the treadmill. I will let you know when I actually get on the machine.

Another big thing and something I shared with you was getting in to seeing a nutritionist to help keep me accountable. This month truly has been about admitting my failures and then stepping up to fix what I am failing at. I am determined to do better in this next chapter than I have in the other chapters of my life. One thing I have noticed in the last couple of months is that I have not had the desire to buy potato chips. I have to admit that potato chips are my comfort food when the shit hits the fan I am sure to grab a huge bag of them. I am contributing this to the fact that I got rid of my old caregiver and got one who is more encouraging. I don’t’ feel emotionally drained or belittled. I have not had a potato chip in 2 months.

Right now, at this moment, I’m nervous about stepping up to different challenges. The biggest challenge for me is moving my body and doing it in a way that I can move without feeling fatigued and exhausted for the rest of the day. Figuring out the best time for me to do the exercises is another hurdle, but I believe I am doing it with choosing to go to bed earlier and then getting up earlier. I get up use the restroom and then I do my exercises for physical therapy and then I take my medications and drink a ton of water. Then I walk down to the rec room use the internet and then do my 3 minutes on the treadmill. I was using the stationary bike but someone made the bike unusable. I was irritated, but I’m not going to let it stop me from moving. I told my physical therapist my issues and he gave me two exercises that are cardio and I can do them at home. One is sitting and then standing up several times. A beginning step to doing the squats, which I’m not ready for yet, the operative word is yet. Using the theraband around my ankles and walking sideways (monster walk) is another cardio. There are ways for me to get the cardio in. I just wish I knew what they went by on the myfitnesspal so I can log them in.

My therapist asked me if I thought about walking in the pool. Yes, I have but since I have a trach I don’t know if that is possible and I don’t know how in the world I will pay for the fees in the pool around here. Even with a disability discount it is $30 bucks a month plus I have to get a swimming suit. If you think about it could you please pray for me in this endeavor?

Progress is happening. I am happy about it. Good things are happing. I am meeting obstacles. Learning to take care of your body and loving who you are is a huge challenge for me but I am bound and determined to do what I need to so I can do what I am destined to do.

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