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Oh Happy Day!

I have a big day tomorrow. I will be heading up to Seattle to see my Otolaryngologist and possibly and it is a big possibility of getting my trach permanently removed. I have been dreaming about this day since the first day I had my trach surgically put in.

Living with a trach is no easy feat to accomplish and I have been with mine for two years. No swimming, no taking showers, because I can’t put my head directly under the flow of water to wash my hair. So my life has directly revolved around the care of having a trach. I am a bit scared with what will my routine now will look like. Along with my excitement is a bit of fear of the unknown. But I also know that my throat is healed enough that I do not need surgery so often anymore. In fact, I have not had a throat surgery in 6 months. From what I can tell, believe me I do pay attention, I do not need one now. This is hope to me. This gives me a sense that I can now move forward with certain plans. I will now be concentrating on school getting my master’s degree in psychology and I want to focus on being a therapist for others will diseases like mine, creating my therapy cards, and maintaining my own health. Like my neighbor Eldon says “anything that distracts me from my soul purpose needs to hit the highway.”

This week I will be busy with two trips to Seattle and my PT appointment and then a cooking class with some awesome friends of mine. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday next week will be the days I will rest.

What does your week look like?

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