Physical therapy wasn’t so bad. It went better than I expected. The atmosphere was not a bunch of elderly men and women on oxygen trying to breathe while moving their bodies. It was a bunch of men and women varying in age doing core, balance, and strength training. Mike my physical therapist was nice and seemed eager to help me fix my back issues so that I can move freely.

I was given one stretching exercise that I must do every day every three hours. I basically sit in a chair and bend my back towards my toes and hold it for two seconds and then come back up and repeat 15 times. What I noticed while I was doing this simple stretch was that my back pain went towards the center of my spine which indicates that the pain will go away. Stretching is so important. This is what my plan of action; my PT therapist liked the fact that I have been riding a stationary bike daily.

My physical therapy is twice a week. I go again tomorrow morning. I’m not sure when next week since Monday I am going to Seattle where I will be getting my trach permanently out. I’m so excited about this. And then Friday I have my appointment with my Rheumatologist in Seattle too. Next week will be two trips to Seattle.

What kind of stretching do you do in order to get your body ready for moving and grooving? Do you stretch before you walk, ride a bike, or any cardio?

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