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Stepping up!



Lately I have been rethinking my life and the goals towards my health that I want to accomplish. A big part of me wants to jump in and get started and kick it in the butt. Then there is the wise side of me that knows that jumping right in and not taking it slow with one or two goals at a time will just leave me with burn out. So, since I know that slow and steady wins the race this time I will move at a slow and steady pace towards my health goals.

I know that I have conquered the battle of my illness with the medication regiment I am on and all the medical appointments I have been keeping the last 5 years, so I know that I can commit and I can endure things. Let me tell you it has not been an easy ride. And I know that this next leg of my health journey will not be easy.

A month ago I decided that I was not going to ready anymore diet books about the new fad diets that are up there. I will read recipe books and even listen to input, but the craziness of the different types of diets and all their contradicting information was enough to explode my brain. I felt my brain wanting to explode a few times and I thought no more. That being said, I made a doctor appointment to see my primary physician because the last 5 years as I have been fighting my RA and my Vasculitis disease she has lead me to where I am right now. I value her opinions and thoughts. I also know that she respects me tremendously and has never belittled me for my weight or my health. I have a ton of respect for her. I knew that she would lead me to where I want to go towards my weight and my health. My ultimate goal for my weight has nothing to do with getting into a bikini. I just want to be at a healthy weight that will support me while I achieve the numerous other goals that I want to accomplish before I am dust. It is that simple. The three near death experiences have taught me many lessons and one of them is valuing my time and valuing what my true identity in Jesus is and that I have an assignment and now that I know what it is. I can be that voice that I was designed to be. I was designed to help by listening and offer my simple words of wisdom to help those be an encouragement and meet their own goals. While sitting in my living room today helping one of my friends by listening I realize this is exactly what I am put on this earth for. So that means getting serious about reading my book that I wrote and editing it. Then with purpose and determination finding the editor who knows what my purpose is and then self-publishing my book. Then create those therapy cards I have envisioned for a long time. That means that I need to get out my nice Cannon camera out and start taking those pictures that I want to use.

While at the doctor’s office I learned some things. The hype about coconut oil is just hype. It causes high cholesterol and high blood pressure and then heart disease. That is so different than what I have been reading or been told. Thankfully I have not used coconut oil for a while now and I don’t plan on using it again. I am thankful for the Avocado oil and the Olive oil which does help. Also my doctor suggested that I meet with the RN case manager/nutritionist about keeping me accountable and keeping me on track while I reach my weight goals for my health. I got to meet the case manager and she and I spent some time together. My care-giver was there too and we both walked away more knowledgeable about things. And my caregiver said she will be on this journey with me. I’m so thankful. I’m thankful that there are now a few of my friends who are walking this path with me. Another tool that the case-manger gave me was a book with information about portion sizes. I am guilty of having big portions and so I took a picture of what a plate of food looks like onto my fridge. This will help me.

That gets me to the two goals I will be working on for the month of May.

Goal 1: moving my body more. Continuing going to physical therapy and doing the stretch exercises and then doing the 3 minutes on the treadmill or the bike. The bike in the gym is broken so I have to use the treadmill for now. 3 minutes 3 times a day. I think I can do that.

Goal 2: writing down everything I eat or drink and using my fitness pal to help me keep track of the calories that I need.

I am starting these new goals today.

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