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Messages To Myself



“Messages to Myself” by Helen B. McIntosh is a book by a counselor who uses God’s teachings with cognitive therapy to help believes with the battle that is going on in their minds. McIntosh offers up many tools that help the plaques of self-doubt, self-criticisms, and uncertainty that plaques many of us when walking on a path that God has chosen for each of us to walk. I know I have been plagued with many doubts as I have walked on my own journey with my illness and what will happen next and what my path should be with an illness and all that I know. Many of these tools I have been doing and some are new to me. It is wonderful to be reminded and to even learn new ways to bet Satan in my head when facing my challenges. This book offers help. Check it out, enjoy, learn, and be inspired to be who you are in Jesus.

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