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The Jesus Hearted Woman



What does being a Jesus hearted woman look like? I had no idea until I read Jodi Detrick’s book “The Jesus Hearted Woman”. I was given the opportunity to read this amazing book through Edelweiss.

Leadership is a struggle I face. I know what leadership doesn’t look like, but struggled with how to be a healthy leader for myself and for those I will lead. There are a couple of qualities that stood out to me: authenticity and humility. Humility, it sounds like a bad word doesn’t? It isn’t. Simply put humility is being willing to say I’m sorry when wrong. To step up and let someone else shine in the spotlight. Jesus did this well. With each person he encountered he lovingly focused on them with interest in their lives. I want to be a leader like that.

Authenticity to me is being who you are and not pretending to be someone else so that you fit into a clique. I know that when I have gone to church it reminds me of going to high school all over again. There is the it crowd, the Jesus pumping, dancing, singing, and who look like they have it right crowd and then there are those who don’t.  Authenticity and being humble means stepping out of the cliques and meeting different types of people and loving them anyway.

Another section of the book that spoke to me was about self-care. Self-care the last few years has become important to me. I need it. It is a requirement for me. I used to struggle with it before I got sick. It is not a struggle anymore. I am happy to say I have my “green room” where I can relax and nurture my soul.

I hope you will take the opportunity to read Jodi Detrick’s book about being a leader. I hope you will find valuable information in it like I did. On a side note, I was excited to learn that Detrick is a fellow Washingtonian, though we are miles apart. I hope to one day read one of her article in the Seattle Times. 

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