Part of the massive letter I received informing me that I may have been exposed. Scary!


I woke in a good mood yesterday morning. I was ready to face the day. I planned on going to the grocery store and buying the items I need. Then come home and watch The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smag. I was looking forward to watching this movie.

Instead at 10 AM I receive a phone call from Peace Health’s nurses informing me that may have been exposed to Hepatis C. I was in shock. I couldn’t respond well, but I did my best. The only thing I made sure I did was tell them I wanted my primary doctor to do the test. I don’t trust Peace Health, not after this. As the news sat with me I started getting angrier and angrier and something did not sit well with me. In my mail box I received the letter they said they sent me. More details were explained. According to the letter they have known about this since December 2012. That caused me to be angrier. I thought why they would wait until now to have us tested. There are 900 of us who may have been exposed.

I will pray about this. I will be going in on June 4th to be tested. I chose to be tested by my primary doctor because I no longer trust them. I feel like my trust has been broken. I feel like I have been betrayed. I hate feeling this way. In my heart I know there are amazing nurses and this one nurse who made a bad choice of stealing pain medication and therefore possibly infected others with hepatis C. Our choices often times do affect others. We all like to think that we live in a island and the choices we make don’t affect no one but ourselves, but that is simply not true. Our choices, all our choices affect others. We may not see it at the time but they do. I forgive the RN who made the choice. I also forgive Peace Health for the way they are handling the situation. I am still angry. Not only am I angry. I am also scared. I am not only scared for myself but for the other 899 who are affected by this one choice. I will do what I have always done. I will carry one. I will walk this path with dignity and integrity. I may be angry and grumpy, but I am not going to allow this mood to affect those in my life. Please pray for me, pray for those 899 and even pray for the RN who made the horrible choice that has affected many. God bless.

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