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What Do You Value?

Health is the greatest possession. Contentment is the greatest treasure. Confidence is the greatest friend. Lao Tzu

Health, you never know how much it means to until you don’t have it anymore? I like what Lao Tzu says “Health is the greatest possession.”  Without health, you wouldn’t be able to watch your favorite TV programs, hug your kids, kiss you husband, run, bike, garden, or any of the activities you love doing. My health is valuable to me. That is the main reason I have fought so hard to be where I am right now.

Right now, I am not fully healthy, but I am better than I once was. Consider this. I don’t have to have surgery every month in order to keep my throat open. My leg or arm has not swelled up. And my throat is no longer red. It is pliable and flexible like a healthy throat is supposed to be. What I do have now is I get tired easy, my endurance sucks, and I still have my RA and Vasculitis. I manage my diseases.

Why am I talking about this? Yesterday I was reminded about how far I have come in the last 5 years. I got to meet up with Dr. Anderson whom was my first ENT. He saved my life the first time I had a larynxspasm during surgery and he stayed with me all the way. He is an amazing doctor who cares and he shows he cares. I’m grateful for him. While telling him what has been up with my throat care in the last 2 years I was reminding myself about how well I am now. I was reminded that a lot of amazing and miraculous things have happened. The last couple of weeks I have been in the dumps. I have felt like what is the use. It isn’t going to get better. I’m turning 40 it is too late for me to accomplish my dreams. I will never be able to build up my endurance. Why is building up my endurance taking longer? I quit. Yes, I Jamie Holloway quit doing my physical therapy because I thought what the use is. Seeing Dr. Anderson gave me a sense of where I was at the beginning 5 long years ago. My health, the one thing that I hold valuable is not completely gone. I can still be the most magnificent woman and my 40’s will showcase that more publicly. I have some news, my friends at Exclaim Media will be helping me create a video. I’ve been apprehensively since Karen Gidderon has come to me with the idea over a year ago. I know, I took a long time to be ready for it. What would you like me to talk about on the video? What questions do you have for me?

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