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Beyond the Trach and More



I have been doing a lot of research this week on emotional support for those of use with trachs. I believe and know for sure now that emotional support has been placed on the back burner and that frustrates me. I know for a fact that there are a lot of emotions that come up when you get a trach. The shame, the guilt, the wondering what the heck do I do now all congratulate into a big mess in the brain when dealing with the entire medical care of your trach. It is so easy to give up and says to yourself screw this.  I know that I was frustrated with all the new responsibilities. I also know that when I first took my trach out and in fact it took me a good 6 months before I started not being afraid of my trach. Yes, you should have a small amount of fear, but it shouldn’t stop you from doing what needs to get done. That got me to thinking about what my assignment is and how I can help those like me who are suddenly thrown into the world of trachs. I decided that I want to offer a place of emotional support, knowledge, and even insights into the emotions and how to step up to them and focus on the most important part you enjoying life. I know you can still enjoy life though you have a trach. You can be a good mother, father, sister, aunt, and friend though you breathe differently than everyone else on the planet.

I will be deconstructing a plan of action. I have finished writing my book “Beyond the Trach” and I have it in editing right now. I’m sure rewriting will be in my future soon. I will be changing the name of this blog into “Beyond the Trach” and I will also add some elements. I’m still in the planning stage and hopefully within in the next year it will be in place. One of the changes I hope to make is having a resource so that counselors and others options for emotional support will be easily found for those who need and want it. And even those who are the caretakers who want to be supportive to those who have a trach. Knowledge is power. Those are my thoughts for today.

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