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Prayer Practice



I joined a couple of groups to help inspire me and keep me on track. One of the groups is one on chronic illness. Rachael Ramey offered this group of women an opportunity to read a couple of her books and I gladly put my name in the pot. I am glad I did. Prayer has been on my mind along with strongholds for quite some time. I’m glad that I took the opportunity that was presented to me to read Rachael Ramey’s book.

In this day by day guide you learn to start praying talking to God in different ways. From praying scriptures to having a prayer journal, I’m not sure all of the suggestions are for me. I am still learning and finding what is best for me, but I found it nice to have a visual idea of what kind of ways I can include prayer into my daily practice. I personally believe prayer is a personal devotion to God and what works best for someone else doesn’t necessary mean it will work for me. I like that Ramey puts it all into one book so that I can try out each practice for myself to decide. For right now, I like to have a prayer list that I can look to while I am praying for someone else. The one thing that I got from reading this book was putting categories into my prayer time, meaning, that each day I choose one person or family or item to concentrate my prayer on daily. I found this helpful. I felt like God was listening clearly and intently to me and I felt focused on what I was actually praying about instead of scattered brain.

I hope you take the opportunity to read and be inspired about your own prayer time with God.

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