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Living Ministries and More!

I have some things on my heart that I would like to talk about on my blog. I am a part of an organization called Living Ministries and we have some affiliated organizations that we support. Our mission to build relationships in our communities and that is one of the reasons I am a part of this organization.

Last night was our monthly meeting. I have not been able to be a part of a meeting for a couple of months. I had the opportunity last night via Facebook chat. I’m glad I did. I got to see and meet some amazing individuals that are helping our communities and I want to give them a shout out and intercede on their behalf.

I will start with Lynn Brown’s organization “Hearts for Homeless” that she runs with her husband Kacy and their children. The Browns listen, help, and lead homeless people to places to where they need to go for help as well as to listen to them express their emotions about their situations and life’s challenges. Lynn is a generous and thoughtful soul and she does an amazing job. Right now they are in need of several things: underwear for men and women, socks for men and women, and hygiene products for men and women. If you can help you can contact Lynn or go to their website and donate money so that they can buy the things they need for the homeless. Lynn brought up something that I have not thought about and it touched my heart. In Kelso and Longview there are homeless children. They sleep on the streets, but still go to school. They are cold, tired, and just surviving on the streets instead of doing what children should be doing laughing, riding bikes, and doing their homework. They need homes. Their families need homes too. I am amazed that the city of Kelso is fighting Love Overwhelming who is helping families have safe homes by them using a building so that they can facilitate the needs. I know people do not want to face the fact that not everyone lives a luxury life. It is easy to blame. It is easy to point fingers to the causes. Let’s stop pointing fingers and start actually getting on the streets and helping them. I am challenging the counsel men and women to actually going to the streets and actually paying attention to the people who are on them and seeing what the true needs are. Go to Love Overwhelming for a day or night and see the people who go there. See what is needed and how Love Over Whelming helps the communities. Stop casting blame and being afraid and pretending there isn’t a problem.  I am done with my rant. I hope someone will listen and something will be done. You can watch and learn about it on this news report that was aired Tuesday night.



The other great affiliate organization is Angel Wings Ministries. Debra the leader and fur mom extraordinaire will be hosting a meet and greet in Cathlamet where her new rescue for animals is located. The meet and greet will be June 18th, 2014 from 1PM to 3 PM. You can meet Debra, have some lunch, and learn about the pets she has up for adoption. Perhaps you can make an appointment to meet a new pet and have a fur baby of your own. I hope to see you there.

Canz 4 Tots is an organization where a young man is collecting cans and anything metal that he can sell so he can raise money so he can buy Christmas presents for kids. This young man and his family are amazing people. They are giving, thoughtful, and hardworking which makes my heart extremely happy. If you would like to make a donation, learn about what they do, or even donate some cans or scrap metal to their cause you can reach them at their website or Facebook page.

As you can see that I now have a donate page. My website designer and my friend Summer suggested that I put one up. My goals are simple. I hope to be able to put together some things to help those who feel like they do have a voice. I have written a book, but I know once I am done with editing I will need a way to publish this book. Plus I want to build a website so that I can put up organizations, doctors, therapists that help with the healing process of those who have lost their voice. I’m still in the research and development stage. As I am still figuring out my own health and how I want to redesign Jamie Chases Butterflies and it will happen. Money is tight for me and so Summer thought a donation button would be a good idea. I was skeptical at first, so if you would like to give, great, if not, that is okay. I’m not going to ask. It is up to my readers to decide.

I am feeling blessed this week. I hope you are too.

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