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Receiving God’s Grace



I told God that I wanted more adventures in my life for my 40th birthday.  Boy, has He sure answered that request. I went to Voodoo Doughnuts with some friends. Then I got the letter from Peace Healing informing me that I needed to be tested for Hepatitis C. Thank you Jesus that I got the results and I am negative. I told the gentlemen who called me from the state department that I already knew that I was. He asked me how I knew that. I get my liver function and my kidney functions tested every 3 months, I told him. I think the doctor would have noticed if I had Hep C. I don’t think he knew what to do with my answer. I surprised him.


The biggest adventure I had was Thursday. After getting my Rituximab infusion treatment my sister and I went to the beach. I love the beach. It is a place that I feel so rejuvenated. The water and the sand just brings a since a calm to my soul. I love the feeling of the waves on my feet and I don’t have to be in the water to feel them. I love the roaring noise of the waves crashing the shore. My sister, who is so gracious and thoughtful decided to try to drive to the water for me so that I could be at the water. I have issues with endurance still. We got stuck and several men who saw our predicament came and helped us out with their wench. I felt so blessed. Then one of men and his wife said that we could go to Sunset Beach and the sand is plowed so that any car can drive on the sand to the water. Guess what we did, after the guy pulled us forward while he went backwards my sister and I drove 5 miles to Sunset beach along the coast line. It was magnificent. I got close to some pelicans who were sitting on the sand and I love feeling the salt air on my skin and the wind through my hair was we drove. My sister went up to 30 miles per hour on the sand. I have never done this before. Talk about an adventure.


Another positive note that happened was I found an accountability partner for my biggest stronghold. Food. Yes, I will admit that I use food to comfort me when I shouldn’t. It’s been my issues for my entire life. It is time to face the beast and to do something different. I asked one of my neighbors who runs the bible study at my apartment building and he said yes. He is an older gentlemen and I love that he asks questions that make you think and without judgment. I need that. I now have a journal that I will start writing down my food choices and a couple of other things that I have learned from my in courage and balance group that focus’ on health the Jesus way. The lady who runs the group has sent out some amazing helpful tips for food journaling that I like and I will be using this. Along with that I will be using myfitnesspal again, but my main stock will be in my journal since I do not have a smart phone and you kind of need that with myfitnesspal. I needed the day at the beach to rejuvenate me and get me ready for my next leg of my journey. I am tired. I feel the effects of the rituximab, but I didn’t let that steal my joy. Do you receive God’s Grace?

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