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Books and More Books

I thought it was it was time to give an update on all the books that are currently on my to be read list. I’m slowly making progress.


Daily Love: Mastin Kipp: I downloaded this from NetGalley because I thought it looked interesting to read. I just started it and already I’m fascinated by the first chapter. Stay tuned for a book review in the future.

Triathlon It Hurts: Gary Smith and Justin Roberts: I decided to read this because well I’m training to live a healthy life and what better way to learn than from people who train for Triathlon’s. I’m looking forward to reading this gem.

The Sacred Year: Michael Yankoski: An autobiography. I enjoy reading autobiographies, especially when it takes you on a spiritual quest.

Wellness for the Glory of God: John Dunlop M.D.: This is a diet book, but I thought it looked interesting to read. I am looking forward to seeing what Dunlop has to say.

Why Cleaning has Meaning: Linda Thomas: I’m not a fan of cleaning, but I thought why not read this.

To Live Is Christ: Beth Moore: a comprehensive study on Paul. I’m not a fan of Paul, but I thought why not read about him, learn, and open up my heart to what he is trying to teach.

God’s Supernatural Power: Frank A. DeCenso:  The title got me when I saw it offered for free on Amazon. What do you think?

The Nature Of God Book 1: Mona M. Hanna: 50 Devotions on God’s Love and Acceptance.

God’s Promises of Love book 2: Mona M. Hanna: 30 Devotions on God’s love and acceptance.

Power of Persistent Prayer: Cindy Jacobs: I told my sister about this book and wanted to read it along with her. I have read one chapter. I want to be able to pray with conviction, power, and devotion.

Relationships: A Mess worth making: Timothy S. Lane: I know I need to read this book, but I have been procrastinating.

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