Saturday evening I woke up throwing up and having diaherra. Not fun at all. I ended up throwing up a lot of the soup I had that day. I didn’t even digest my meals or the pain medication that I took. I texted my caregiver, my neighbor, and my sister in hopes that someone would bring me some ice funny that is the only thing I could see that I needed at that moment. I needed so much more. My caregiver’s roommate brought me ice, thank you so much. I of course was in the bathroom in my episode of the vomiting crappy pants. My bathroom was a mess. My neighbor came and checked on me and he asked me if there was anything he could do for me. I once again thought about it for a second. I realize that I am not able to deep clean my bathroom from all the shit and vomit that was on the floor, toilet, walls, and bathtub so I asked him if he would clean it for me. Since my caregiver wouldn’t be back until Monday evening.  He graciously did. I am so thankful. I felt so much shame, but I also knew that I needed help. My sister in law came she brought me some Pedialite and apple juice and ended up taking me to the ER where they took a stool sample. I have never given one before and all I have to say is it is the nastiest thing I have ever done medically. They were going to run a culture to see if I have C-dif which one can get in the hospital from the anti-biotics they give you. I find it funny that anti-biotics is causing my issue and they are giving me an anti-biotic to combat this issue.

Sunday I got the phone call that said I was positive for C-dif and that I am to take an anti-biotic called Metronidazole. I am thankful that I have not had to take any of the anti-nausea medication. My sister in law went and picked up my medication and she even brought me some Greek yogurt. My stomach with the flora and good healthy stomach bacteria is clearly out of whack.

Last night when I left the ER they gave me prescriptions for Loperamide and Metoclopramide in order to combat the vomiting and the severe diaherra. I am still having diaherra, but thankfully the vomiting has stopped. It is dangerous for me to be vomiting. The trach makes it harder for me to vomit than the normal person. I feel extremely out of whack right now. My emotions are everywhere. I am extremely tired and I just want to stay in bed and do nothing. I have several movies to watch and books to read.

I did watch “Heaven Is For Real” this weekend. I love it. Great movie, a real tear-jerker, but the kind of tears that are happy more than sad and it was so good that I loaned it to my brother and his family to watch. He is extremely picky about movies so I rarely recommend anything to him, but I thought this one would be good. The last movie I recommended to him was Temple Grandin and he did enjoy it.

I am extremely grateful that I have a supportive family. I am reminded of this as I have experienced the love of my brother, sister in law, and sister as I have gone through this episode of sickness. My neighbor, who happens to be a man, surprised me by cleaning my bathroom and being kind towards me. That is something new to me. My sister in law right now is washing my sheets for me so that I can have clean bedding since I messed them up. I have the support I need to get me through this medical ordeal. I feel crumby right now, but I also know that eventually it will pass.

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