Last Day!



002I will be getting off of the computer and probably won’t be back on until Saturday. I don’t know if I will be taking my lap top to the hospital or not. I won’t know the exact time for my surgery until after 4 tonight, but I know it was scheduled at 11 AM by the doctor. I am excited, nervous, and thankful that today and tomorrow morning before surgery will be the last time I will have to take my trach out and then put it back in. 3 years of doing this. 3 years of worries, anxieties, confusion, and not knowing.

I also know that my stoma will take 30 days to close up and I will be hurting. I also know that I could wake up with my trach back in because the doctor might feel like I need it a bit longer. I’m hopeful that won’t happen.

I’ve been thinking long and hard about what kind of changes I will be making after my surgery tomorrow. I decided it is time to get back to moving my body and getting physical stronger. Then I can concentrate on my book and getting it published. I have started a Kickstarter account but I am waiting for the verification from Amazon and then I get it started. I want to raise $7,000. $5,000 to go to Balboa and then $2,000 to go towards the website I want to build.  I will let you know when you can start. One of the incentives I have come up with is an autographed copy of my book when you donate $25 or more. If you want to donate now, you can use the donate button at the end of my blog. Well I am off to pack some more and relax before my big tomorrow. Have a great day and I hope you all take a deep breathe in and feel the power of God and oxygen.

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