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To Live is Christ



“The Live is Christ” by Beth Moore illustrates the life of Paul. To be honest before I read Beth Moore’s book about Paul and started reading Acts and now Roman’s I didn’t like Paul at all. I thought he was a chauvinist pig.  I thought he hated women. I was wrong.

If you read what Paul actually wrote about women submitting to their husband in the actual Greek. You would see that he said to submit to your husband and not all men. Submitting doesn’t have the negative connotation that we have on it today. Submitting means not being critical, nagging, condemning, judging, and controlling your husband. What I have noticed since I started evaluating my relationships with men is that us women have the ability to nag, criticize, condemn, judge, and even control the person we are married to the point where we don’t allow them to be themselves. We use the attitude that what we think, what we believe is right and everyone else, even our husbands are wrong as the reason for our nagging them. We think that is love. When in actuality it isn’t. Submitting simply means that we are open to compromising. We are open to the fact that we could be wrong. We are open to not nagging, criticizing, judging, condemning, and punishing our spouses. Men have their assignment too, they are to love us their wives as Christ loves us. Can you imagine what that truly means? For me it is hard to imagine what Christ love would look like in a marriage. There is more to Beth’s book, but this is the biggest thing that jumped out at me. What submitting and what love actually looks like. When Paul wrote that Women submit and husbands love their wives as Christ would it wasn’t meant to say that males are correct. The reason for it is because Paul goes on to say that we are equal, male and female. I have a lot more respect for Paul. I hope you do too. I suggest reading this bible study on Paul. I know I learned a ton from reading it along with my bible study on Paul’s writings.

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